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     Italian brand sanitary products JACUZZI — a true example of quality. Engineering best equipped wellness centers around the world, it becomes a pride point of absolute relaxation for those who value comfort life.
Mini pools, whirlpool tubs and boxes unrivaled design and quality are set by experienced professionals who are familiar with the products of the brand. All system installation features JACUZZI, Producers know perfectly specialists “Alter-Service” Due to its personnel and technical capabilities, customer needs orientation from 2017 we received the official title of “Jacuzzi Service Ukraine that occurred.”

Installation of equipment is made in the following stages:

1. Check the site for installation readiness.
2. Check the complete article.
3. Installation of equipment on the prepared area.
4. Connect the power supply, hot and cold water, sewer drain.
5. Testing electronic and hydraulic systems.
6. Technical functional units and units of the product.

The specialists of “Alter-Service” must demonstrate the correct operation of all functions of the product, carry out instructions from the terms of use and safety. We support guarantee from the manufacturer of the plant and provide additional warranty from our company.

Your timely and qualified maintenance

The specialists of “Alter Service” provides full technical maintenance of hydro-massage baths, showers, pools and hydro massage systems combined brand JACUZZI:

  • Flushing the hydraulic system special means.
  • Processing of decorative elements of special protective equipment and detergents.
  • Cleaning functional elements such as nozzles, cisterns, shower head.
  • Processing special cleansing agents acrylic surface of the shower rack and glass surface.
  • Technical functional units and units of the product.
  • Testing of electronic and hydraulic systems
  • Replacement filter cartridges in the pool (of the client).

After the work our experts give recommendations for your next scheduled maintenance. The manufacturer recommends carrying out subscriber service equipment JACUZZI not rather than one every six months.
Our specialists carry out technical advice for your call. The range of work includes inspection of the installation and development of technical maps with site preparation, application layouts for utilities, given the characteristics of the installation site. We will answer all questions and recommend specific technical equipment for reliable operation of the equipment JACUZZI.

The key to effective repair JACUZZI

The specialists of “Alter-Service” — is undeniable repair professionals with products of the brand. Purchase of plant parts directly from the manufacturer, the planned increase in skill level masters and desire to give real service to its customers — a guarantee of our professionalism.

Any question plumbing repair JACUZZI «Alter-Service” resolves quickly and with a guarantee.